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Power of Appreciation Primary Residence Calculator


Power of Appreciation Rental Property Calculator


Amortization Schedule


Filing Status and Taxable Income Level


Compare Schools


Mortgage Qualification Calculator


Monthly Payment Calculator


Mortgage Calculators


America's Mortgage Store offers you 6 mortgage calculators to help you answer important financing questions. There are a number of ways to approach an affordability analysis, and these calculators allow you to assess the effects of different variables when buying a home. 


Use this calculator to determine the possible appreciation and profit from the ownership of your primary residence.  Inflation, appreciation, interest rates and taxes all play significant factors that effect the value of home ownership.


Use this calculator to analyze a residential investment home.  Appreciation, depreciation, rent, maintenance and interest rate are all things to consider in rental ownership.


A simple amortization schedule that will allow you to make changes and see the impact of that change in the amortization.


Compute your Tax Rate by using the Filing Status and Taxable Income Level chart.


This calculator includes excerpts from the Office of Federal Housing pertaining to House Price Appreciation Percentage Change in House Prices.


This calculator shows you how much income you need to buy a home, based on your income and other factors.


This calculator allows you to explore the outcome of changes to your loan balance, mortgage term, and interest rate on your monthly P&I payments.



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