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America's Mortgage Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.  What are the most commonly made mistakes in buying or refinancing a house?

2.  Should I refinance?

3.  Should I pay points?  Does a 0 point / 0 fee loan really exist?

4.  What is a FICO score?

5.  Why do interest rates change?

6.  What is the difference between pre-qualifying and pre-approval?

7.  What is a rate lock?

8.  Can my loan be sold?  What happens if my lender goes out of business?

9.  What is PMI?  Can I get rid of the PMI on my loan?

10.  What is an APR?


Taxes and Rental Property FAQs


1.  Is rental income taxable?

2.  When do I owe taxes on rental income?

3.  Are security deposits taxable?

4.  What can I deduct?

5.  When can I deduct improvements and repairs?

6.  How do I calculate depreciation?

7.  How do I report a rental activity on my tax return?

8.  What are Passive Activities, and how do they affect me?


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