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  The Power of Appreciation, (Investment home version)                                                                                                      
  Personal Federal Tax Rate  
  Purchase Price      
  Value of Land  
  Appreciation Rate  
  Loan to Value          
  Loan Term in Years,      Use 0 for Interest Only Tax        
  Interest Rate   Insurance        
  Current Annual Property Taxes   Total Payment        
  Annual Homeowner's Insurance Cost  
  Years of Ownership  
  Year Purchased
  Presale Calculations  
  Annual Appreciation
  Cumulative Appreciation
  Appreciated Value of Home
  Cumulative Appreciation Percentage
  Rental Income
  Annual Maintainance and Vacancy
  Annual Interest Cost
  Annual Real Estate Taxes
  Homeowner's Insurance
  Other Annual Expenses
  Direct Cash Flow
  Total Rental Real Estate Income (Loss)
  Tax Savings / Deferral
  Cash Flow including Tax Savings  
  Initial Investment +/- Additional Cash Flow
  Cumulative Appreciation (From Above)  
  Cash Flow Including Tax Savings (from Above)  
  Profit from Ownership  
    If these figures are positive, the homes appreciated value is  outpacing the cost of ownership!  
  Return on Initial Investment  
  Investment Calculations Upon Sale of Home  
  Sales Price Assumption / Value  
  Cumulative Appreciation  
  Less:  Sales Fees 
  Gain or Loss From Sale of Home  
    Short Term Long Term Gain                                                                                                
  Net Funds Received at Close of Escrow  
  Cumulative Depreciation Recaptured